Services Sector Development & Export

When to Export

Am I Ready to Export my Services?

How will I know if my firm is export ready?

Export readiness is the capability to succeed in export markets. Your firm will be export ready when it is prepared in three dimensions:


Whether or not your firm has sufficient internal capacity to handle extra demand, internally efficient systems to respond to customers quickly, senior managers and marketing staff with culturally-sensitive marketing skills, and senior management support for export objectives.


Whether or not you have a service that is unique and/or competitive in the type of market you are targeting, sophisticated  market entry methods that you are already using, and market research demonstrating the viability of your service abroad.


Whether or not you have clear and achievable export objectives, a realistic idea of what exporting entails, an open-mindedness to new ways of doing business, and realism about what will be necessary to be profitable abroad.

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