Services Sector Development & Export

Regulating Services

How are Services Regulated?

A services sector is regulated through a series of mechanisms. Some sectors are regulated by the Government and others are self-regulated. Regulations and their enforcement help protect the consumer by ensuring that they receive quality service from qualified service providers.

Licencing and Registration

One of key ways of controlling the quality of the services delivered is by controlling the people who are offering that service. This is achieved by establishing a registration board or body, which sets the minimum criteria for persons who want to deliver a particular service. Prospective service providers are then required to present their credentials to the registration board, and if they meet the minimum criteria set for registration, then they will be registered and given a licence to provide that service.

Permits: Another way of controlling the quality of services delivered is to require a permit to perform an activity. For example, a business who wants to build a new facility will need to get a building permit before the start of construction. Similarly, a service provider who wants to open a new hospital or school, will need to get permission from the Ministry of Health or Ministry of Education respectively.

How the BCSP can help your sector…

Lobbying and Advocacy

Utilizing the various channels available to us, the BCSP will advocate for policy, legislative and regulatory changes that will enhance the capacity of members of service sector to grow, strengthen their businesses, and ultimately export their services.

Export Promotion

BCSP will assist services sector associations who are interested in exporting their services to do sector analysis, identify export markets, gather market intelligence, prepare export strategies, and actionable road maps to guide them.

Association Formation

BCSP is willing to assist any group of service providers who have not yet formed a professional association, to do so.


The BCSP will facilitate training opportunities to build the capacity of its membership in the various aspects of exporting services.