Services Sector Development & Export


The Economic Development Council seeks new ways to stimulate Belize’s Economy

“The EDC collaborated with the Complete Caribbean Partnership Facility to hosts a workshop with the public and private sectors, academia, and other important industries under the theme (Towards Exponential growth … Read More

BELIPO and National Sports Council of Belize hosts workshop “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”

“Discusses the concept of sports tourism through intellectual property

Open Government System in Belize and The Caribbean Region

“Director Maurice Mcnaughton discusses how digital open data impacts national development coordinated by Caribbean Open Institute for 2019”

Roundtable Dialogues: Harnessing the Value of Open Data by the Private Sector

“The roundtable dialogues seek new opportunities on how the Belizean private sector could benefit from open data”

Bar Association of Belize issues legal opinion/ Innovation by GOB/ Beltraide and Women Entrepreneurs

“H.E Alexis Rosado weighs in on legal opinion commissioned by Bar Association of Belize; GOB implementing online services to the public; Beltraide supports women entrepreneurs”

Belize’s First National Trade Policy

“Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce on behalf of the Government of Belize launches its First National Trade Policy”

Business Forum 2019

“Prime Minister engages private sector at the 2019 Business Forum under the theme “Embracing Innovation for Economic Prosperity””

Designated Processing Area (DPA) Companies

“Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce conducts site tours of DPA Companies in the Stann Creek District”

9 Steps to Get Your Brand Prepped for Export

The Caribbean is filled with great products. However, without a convincing brand how can a product find its way into the busy export market? Today, brand is the most important … Read More

BELIPO and The Patent Cooperation Treaty

“The Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO) in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) holds a seminar on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)”

Music Week in Belize

“Office of Music Ambassador is hosting a 3rd Annual Music Week”

Government of Belize and Intellectual Property Protection

“Government of Belize collaborated with stakeholders to address issues related to intellectual property protection”


“Belize Intellectual Property Office discusses its role in Intellectual Property”

Belizean Music Export

“DGFT, Beltraide and BCSP collaborated to make Belizean music a major export”

Online Site for Belizean Musicians

“Office of the Music Ambassador and Beltraide launches online site for Belizean musicians”