Services Sector Development & Export

Our Members


  1. Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2. Directorate General for Foreign Trade
  3. Belize Tourism Industry Association
  4. Association of Professional Architects of Belize
  5. Music Industry Association Of Belize
  6. Association of Professional Engineers of Belize
  7. Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize
  8. Belize Realtors Association
  9. Association of Publishers
  10. Association of Custom Brokers
  11. BAICTP – Belize Association of ICT Professionals
  12. Emilio Thomas ‘Sásamu’ – Satuye Records (Music Business Consultant) – Provisional Member
  13. Belize Audio Visual Industry Association (BAVIA)
  14. Trevor Bradley – Consultant, Glow Pearl Consultants (Provisional Member)
  15. Legacy Fund Limited – Financial Advisory Services (Corporate Member)
  16. Roy Robateau – Independent Tour Guide (Provisional Member)
  17. ARCH Consulting Group Ltd.
  18. Belize Virtual Center

Membership in an Industry Association

Join the local industry association.  Better yet, endeavour to serve as an officer or committee member of the association.

If you are committed to a particular market, join the industry association in that market.

Consider joining an internationally recognized industry association relevant to your company.  For example, while Barbadians would be comfortable purchasing architectural services from a member of the Barbados Institute of Architects, international consumers may not be.  However, most consumers would be comfortable purchasing services from a member of the American Institute of Architects or the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Membership in an industry association demonstrates that you are a serious competitor in that industry.

Join the BCSP and you are certainly on the path to demonstrate successful and proven leadership quality in your industry.