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Belize Association of ICT Professionals



To establish and champion Information and Communications Technology as an industry sector for socio- economic development in Belize


To create an effective network between Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) professionals, researchers, government and industry to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration in the development of ICT in Belize

Member Classes

Professional Membership

A recognized degree in an ICT field and a minimum of one year work experience OR a recognized diploma or industry certification and a minimum of two years’ work experience OR a minimum of five years’ work experience in an ICT field.

Annual Membership fee: $75

Associate Member

A recognized degree, diploma or industry certification in an ICT field or three (3) years work experience in an ICT field.

Annual Membership fee: $50


A student of an approved ICT track of study (certain industry certifications, tertiary level education) with less than 1 year full time ICT work experience.

Annual Membership fee: $10


A company or individuals from another discipline with an interest in ICT matters.

Annual Membership fee: $250


A company registered in Belize with a primary ICT function, or a functional unit offering ICT services to B2B, B2C. A corporate member may send up to a maximum of 4 representatives (who must pre-qualify as a Professional or Associate member on an individual basis).

Annual Membership fee: $500